Pumpkin spice is always popular once September 1st rolls around. But there are other flavors out there that are just as delicious and bring out the fall vibes.

Try some of these next time you’re at your local coffee shop. Or find recipes online to make your own version at home.

1. Chai: Chai is available year-round, but there’s something about it that screams fall. Sometime’s I have them other times of the year just because I can’t wait till fall. One of my favorite chai tea lattes is from Carpe Diem Coffee Shop. Stop in and order one next time you’re in downtown Canton or shopping at Belden Village Mall. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Salted caramel: Caramel is pretty regular and available most times of the year, but salted caramel seems to make itself known during the fall. I believe Muggswigz has a salted caramel drink available in the fall. Stop in and see. If not, I know the shop will have plenty of other seasonal drinks to choose from.

3. Mocha: Mocha is another flavor that’s popular year-round, but to me, it stands out in the fall. Head over to Cultured Coffee for a mocha. They have plenty of added flavor options to choose from to make your drink customized.

4. Cinnamon: I’m not sure if any local coffee shops have cinnamon-flavored drinks, but I do know that cinnamon tastes great in hot drinks. Try mixing it with your coffee or tea at home. And let me know if you’ve found a cinnamon-flavored drink at a local shop. I’d love to try one!

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