Who doesn’t love a little pick-me-up? Whether it’s a reward system for finishing a project or getting through a rough week, pick-me-ups are something to look forward to. Rather than rewarding yourself with food, try one of these to boost your mood.

1. Scent diffuser: Find a scent you like, and insert the reeds into the bottle. Immediately, your space will smell fresh—or like sprinkled cupcakes as our office does.

2. A nice journal: Whether you use it to jot down quotes you love, make a list of to-dos or you use it to catch your thoughts, journals can be a nice escape from a hectic lifestyle.

3. Stylish water bottle: Drinking water is an essential part of life. Why not do it in style? Choose a style of water bottle you love, and you’re bound to drink more water.

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Kelsey Reinhart

Kelsey Reinhart is the editor of About magazine. She was previously a designer for The Repository. Kelsey loves designing, writing and taking photographs. When not working, she enjoys reading magazines, working out, watching sports, shopping and spending time with family and friends. She believes in living life to the fullest.

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