Q: What ever happened to the bell that used to be in Waterworks Park? —Nina
You wouldn’t think it was difficult to track down a bell this size and particularly one that is this close to my office.

So I reached out to Derek Gordon, director of the Canton Parks and Recreations Department. Derek found the answer by going to the city’s building maintenance superintendent, Cliff Graves.

The bell was rededicated during Canton’s Bicentennial and sat in the courtyard of City Hall. Then the bell had to be moved before reconstruction of City Hall that connected that building to the Council Chambers.

Guess where the bell is now? I walk past it nearly every day at lunch.

It is in Central Plaza North on Market Avenue next to the water fountains.

Q: Todd, who owns the most property in Stark County?
Like most questions, this one isn’t an easy answer. Are you talking by parcels? Value? Acreage?

The good news is these are public records. I am assuming you don’t mean value because that isn’t really a good gauge. If you want to know who has the most grass to mow and leaves to rake, that’s a pretty easy answer. And it’s a surprising one, sorta.

Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Co. owns the most parcels (199) and the most acres (1,430.77). After that, there are some differences.

Schalmo Properties owns the second-most parcels (175), followed by Groffre Investments (140). Groffre Investments is a result of a company started in 1984 by the seven Jeffries brothers and sisters. After that, it is mostly utilities, investors and developers and TimkenSteel that own most of the parcels. The top 20 parcel owners hold 1,909 parcels.

When it comes to acreage, things are different. TimkenSteel owns the second-most acres, 1,133 acres on its 64 parcels.

Ohio Power (1,130), American Landfill Inc. (1,121) and Republic Services of Ohio (937) round out the top five acreage holders.

SnackQ: Are my Lay’s potato chips really just Shearer’s potato chips in a different bag?
Hold your tongue. No, really.

Heavens no. There is a big difference in taste between the two chips. This question borders on blasphemy.

Lay’s chips are made by Frito Lay. Shearer’s chips are made right here in Stark County.

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