They were looking for love in 2016, and many of them are happily coupled up. See where the 2016 class of Most Eligible Singles are now.

past_marandaMARANDA SALING
Maranda is happy to say that she is dating, but still single. Similar to this time last year, she’s here and loving it now, but she’s getting ready to leave soon.

She’s planning to spend a couple of months backpacking through India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali.

She’s excited to be making decisions for herself instead of being in a relationship … for now, anyways.

Last February shortly after the Most Eligible Singles story was published, Katy met Daniel Greer through mutual connections from her involvement in Dancing with Canton’s Stars.

After the two went to Canton Prom, they started dating. Ironically enough, she encouraged him to partner with her in last year’s Dancing with Canton’s Stars.

He performed in the show representing the Canton Fire Department and his business, Urbsee.

past_athenaATHENA PAPPAS
Since the previous Most Eligible Singles issue, Athena got married.

Last year at this time, she had just met Joe Ostrowske when she accepted the nomination for Most Eligible Single and very shortly after, he swept her off of her feet.

On August 26, the couple was married in Cape Sounio, Greece, and Athena describes it as a fairytale wedding.

After two weeks in Greece with their friends and family, they ended their whirlwind wedding/honeymoon by themselves in Italy for a week.

Deanne had a lot of fun being featured as one of About’s Most Eligible Singles.

Although it didn’t lead to a line of suitors at her doorstep, she has had several really great design clients call because they saw her in the issue.

past_mary susanMARY SUSAN MARAGAS
Mary Susan loved being part of About’s Most Eligible Singles.

She said she’s had a great year and met many new friends and heard from people from her past that she lost touch with, all because of the feature.

In the past year, she also has been blessed with a grandson, Lorenzo Rocco Maragas, born in July.

past_loriLORI STOKES
Lori is still living the single life; however, she did go out on a few dates with a really nice gentleman. It started to fizzle due to her busy schedule with her multi-talented son—something her suitor wasn’t ready for, yet the two have remained close friends.

In less than two years, the youngest of her five children will be off to college, and at that time, Lori thinks she will have more time to dedicate to dating someone special.

Until then, she’s enjoying being single (for now)—learning a lot more about herself so that she can be ready for a great guy with wonderful aspirations with whom she can share her life.

Alex is still working at GlenOak and has been dating someone for a couple of months.

He met his significant other before last year’s issue was published but was still surprised by how many people read the article.

Blake is still single, living and working in the Canton area. He described the Most Eligible Singles experience as really fun and said it’s still a topic of conversation.

Although it hasn’t led to anything yet in terms of a relationship, he has met some great people along the way.

From those connections, he was able to participate in the Canton Prom fundraiser last May and won Prom King by helping to raise the most money for the Just Imagine Art Gallery.

Moving forward, Blake said he hopes to continue to meet more great people and explore further opportunities to be involved in the community.

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