39, sixth grade teacher, North Canton City Schools and TV sports broadcaster, Big Time Sports Ohio

Lives in: North Canton

Self portrait:
I believe that family and faith should always come first. I love to travel (and to plan for it, I always save money ahead of time). Sports have always been a very important part of my life, whether playing, coaching or broadcasting. I’m always passionate about any endeavor that I take on in my life.

“Troy has a very genuine personality, and he can strike up a conversation with anyone. After getting to know him the last few years, I can honestly say Troy is a family man and will make an outstanding father down the road.“
—Ryan Kienzle, friend/colleague

SINGLES002Love lessons:
One lesson I have learned in dating is that you can’t truly get to know someone after a few dates (even though it may seem that way). It takes time, like anything else. You need to work at relationships. The person can not just see you but they also have to see the invisible you as well as you need to see this in them.

Conversation starter:
I ask a woman her opinion or her stance on a general topic, it’s a good icebreaker and more importantly tells me a little about her.

Red flag:
If a woman can’t open up or be honest with me about her or her past, that will make me less attracted to her.

Burning passions:
I enjoy the challenge of pushing myself. I like to swim and lift. Teaching and coaching bring me a lot of pleasure, and they’re both something I’m very passionate about. It’s a great feeling to make a difference in the classroom, field or court. I also love my second job as a TV broadcaster. I get paid to go to games and talk about sports. I mean come on, that’s every guy’s dream. I also love to read and learn about new things—that goes back to challenging myself.

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