Last Look: Puppy-dog eyes

Our mischievous chocolate Lab puppy, Gracie, can find our shoes in the best of hiding places. Our first reaction is to get frustrated — and in this case, grab a camera — but it is tough to stay mad at her with her tilted head and droopy eyes. She has doubled in size in the four months since this photo was taken. And many shoes later, her picture-perfect puppy-dog eyes still have the exact same effect.

Last Look: Another option

With only space for one photo on the cover and a few inside — there are lots of “leftover” photos that don’t make it into the maga- zine each month. Here is one that didn’t make it. Since we decided not to start the magazine with it, we decided to end the magazine with it. All it took to create this image was a dark, scary basement, a single light — and a big smile.