Recipe: Jalapeño Cheese Poppers

Beat the heat with more heat. Ever wonder why the world’s spiciest foods come from the world’s hottest climates? It’s all about cool. Spicy food cranks up the body’s most efficient air conditioner, sweat. In torrid latitudes, this is a defense giving meaning to comfort food. So don’t hesitate to serve salsa, curry and spicy peppers on hot summer days.

Latest and greatest tech | National

This will be the summer of cellphones’ moving beyond calling, texting and web surfing. They’re quickly becoming truly interactive, solving problems we’ve taken for granted for many decades and some we haven’t imagined yet. We’re seeing the first TV ads touting “Internet Everywhere.”

Secrets to having a weed-free garden

We all need some inspiration to head out and weed our gardens. This helps: Think of your growing spaces as a competitive playing field for plants. All of them are fighting for nutrients and moisture.

Recipe: Italian meatballs

Walk in to a flood of blended aromas. This is the tradition of Dioguardi’s Italian Foods, a 90-plus-year-old best-kept secret for foodies. Almost nothing has changed at this grocery except the date on the calendar. Mama was the saleswoman, Papa the sausage maker and the stand-up guy to her jokes.

Recipe: Healthy cherry cheesecake

No guilt, few consequences, all pleasure. Leave it to the Rodale Farms folks to come up with a healthy version of one of the word’s most popular desserts—cheesecake. What other dessert is 298 calories? That’s fewer than three small shortbread cookies.

Recipe: Appetizing Salmon

Having a party? This smoky salmon appetizer does double duty as an hors d’oeuvre at a cocktail party or a starter for a formal dinner. It elegantly satisfies the requirements of both with a blend of flavors wit...

Dieting? Try Samantha’s

We were in Samantha’s at 6326 Market Ave. N listening to the crowd ordering dinner. It seemed everybody had a special request — low salt, low fat, no gluten, no nuts, no dairy, no meat, whatever.

Tired of corn? Try corn casserole

Corn this late in the season may be tiresome. This recipe definitely extends the eating season. It is best with fresh corn from the cob, but still works well with canned corn.

Final flavors of the season

After the whirlwind of summer picnics, September seems so — let’s see — boring. Post-Labor Day, there’s no holiday worth a potato salad, no excuse to fire up the burger burner. Not so fast. September once was party central.