Technology, lighting, sound and comfort combine to create perfect home theater

As television screens become larger and home entertainment options grow, many families are dedicating separate spaces to enjoy these luxuries more fully.

For Jean and Tim Furbay, their dedicated home theater in the lower level of their Jackson Township home is now a much-fought-over space among the adults and three children in the family.

The room was a year in the making and recently finished.

Barry Kindy of North Canton TV and Appliance took care of the sound and screen technology, installing a 106-inch projection television system with a whopping 9.1 surround sound speaker system (that means nine speakers are installed front to back in the ceiling and walls, plus a subwoofer).

The system includes Internet, cable and DirecTV, with the capability of calling up instant movies from Netflix and satellite radio.

All of this is accessible and controllable with one space-age-looking touch-screen remote control that costs about $3,000. It’s so good, there is no need to point it at anything — and all the technology can be hidden behind wood cabinetry that was built by carpenter John Slabaugh of C.D. Slabaugh Construction.

Besides sound and picture, the remote control also runs the unique theater lighting that has several different settings. LED track lights from the couple’s business, Furbay Electric and Supply, can be set to fade in and out or run around the room and TV screen in awesome, colorful patterns similar to those in dance clubs. Rameses Electric did the electrical work in the room. David Hawkins of David L. Hawkins Design Management designed the overall concept of the room, which features tiered seating with comfortable reclining chairs, a dark wallpapered ceiling and real theater-style flooring.

An added detail is a train track near the ceiling that circles the room and leaves through a tunnel into the other area of the lower level. The projector is hidden in a train station affixed to the ceiling.

“A theater room is the experience,” said Kindy. “It’s more than just a television screen.”

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