You never realize how many of your favorites are the result of someone else’s suggestions. Think of all the things you’ve tried or places you’ve visited because a friend, family member, co-worker or someone you know told you to. Is your favorite restaurant the result of a friend saying, “You just have to try (insert restaurant here) because it has the best (insert type of food here)”?

Many of my favorites have become favorites because someone else told me to try them. My favorite downtown lunch spots—Deli Ohio and Thatsa Wrapp—are thanks to my boss, Jess Bennett. She raved about them, and I see why. One visit to each, and I was hooked! Now I tell everyone to try them. My obsession with the Louisville Library is all thanks to my boyfriend telling me about its wonderful selection, and my love of Park Centre Lanes is because of my brother mentioning how great the prices are.

And once something is my favorite, I have to tell everyone I know about it. My best friend no longer lives in Stark County, so anytime she comes to visit, I try to show her somewhere new to try. I was so excited for her to try Peace, Love & Little Donuts this summer. We enjoyed the decadent treats at the Hartville shop, while catching up on the patio. Next on our list is Basil Asian Bistro. The dishes there are top notch, my favorites being General Tso chicken and crispy pineapple chicken.

My list of favorites could go on for days, so I’ll stop here and let you peruse the complete list of this year’s Local Faves. In this issue, we list your Local Faves in 116 categories. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to visit each place and try each food listed.

You also might want to try on some of the outfits featured in our fall fashion section. These chic styles are all you need to look your best this fall.

If you’d rather accessorize your home instead of your clothes, check out this month’s About Your Home, featuring tips from a professional organizer, top picks from Lumen Nation and books on home decor.

With all of that, plus a beefed-up section of Ask Todd and all of our amazing usuals, this issue is a keeper that you’ll want to refer back to for months (heck, maybe even years).

Until next month,
Kelsey Reinhart, editor

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