People often ask me for recommendations for great dining and entertainment. My selections are always heavy on supporting the great local people, businesses and events in our community.

It’s often hard for me to narrow it down. There are so many great choices — I hate to leave any out. I like to think I seek out the best out of places. I have a tendency to focus on the positive and see the best of everything, which can make these selections even more difficult for me.

I can’t help it — I’m a cheerleader for all things local and hopeful for their success.

I’ll usually rattle off a couple of my very favorite places to those who ask — but usually feel the need to whisper, “just don’t tell the others.”

So picking just one to answer About’s recent Local Favorites reader survey is nearly impossible for me.

How can you just pick one?

But you did, and fairly decisively. Winners in most categories were faraway favorites, which means they are either well-loved by many or cherished by a few who vote early and often. Either way, each winner has an interesting story to tell.

About Your Home

If you’re a homeowner, you know how it happens. You start one quick little project and, before you know it, it turns into a large, seemingly never-ending task. Larry Brake of Plain Township knows the feeling well. He started digging around in his yard one day, not sure of what he would create. Years later, he finds himself maintaining a sizeable pond with waterfalls. See how Brake’s project turned out.

Also in this issue of About Your Home, see who was voted tops in the Home categories of About’s Local Favorites contest.

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