Getting a gym membership can be a daunting task, let me tell you. That’s why I put it off for two years. Once I got up the courage, it really wasn’t that scary. The sports and recreation director gave us a tour of the facility, told us all about the equipment and classes, etc. and asked us if we had any questions. I felt like VIP status as he showed us around.

Two days after touring the gym and after one time of working out, I came down with the flu. I thought, “That’s what I get for trying to be healthy.” Obviously I didn’t get sick from working out. More likely, I got sick because the flu was making its rounds.

After recovering, I got back in gear and started visiting the gym regularly. I tried the stationary bikes, the circuit, another circuit, the elliptical machines, the rowing machine and lastly, the scary free weight part of the gym that’s usually inhabited by big, muscly men. Not the best for gym insecurities.

But after trying out all of the machines and workouts, I realized that I got the best workout in the self-conscious-inducing free weight part of the gym. And I noticed that nobody is watching you work out, unless, you know, they want to use the machine or weights you’re using.

Everybody is in their own little world, mostly. There are the go-getters, the ones training for something; the attention-getters, you know the type—decked out in the latest trendy workout gear and checking their Fitbit continuously; the texters, checking their phone while attempting to run on the elliptical; the regulars, the ones who know the staff really well and have a specific machine they love; and lastly, the average Joes, the ones just going about their business and trying to get a workout in—that’s where I’m at.

No matter what type of gym-goer you are, it’s just good to see you there. Fitness is important for your overall health. If you’re not sure what workouts to do at the gym or maybe you’d be more comfortable working out at home, read Kelli Weir’s fitness feature with tips from Elevation Performance Training’s Chris Collett.

Physical health isn’t the only health category you should be worried about. Think about your heart health, mental health, skin health, nutritional health and reproductive health. Those need work, too! Get tips from local doctors on what you should be doing to better your health from our House Call features.

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