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Brew View Update: Royal Docks Brewing Company

I first met John and Adriana Bikis in January at their home. Sitting across from them in the dining room, we sampled experimental brews, chatted about the region of London that served as the creative catalyst for the brewery and discussed the strategic crossroads in which they found themselves. To be a brewery, or to be a brewpub? That was the question.

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Letter from the Editor: December 2015

I recently started recycling instead of throwing everything away. While having a recycling bin in my kitchen isn’t ideal, it’s a daily reminder that I’m taking a step to make the world a better place. After just one week of recycling, I noticed just how many paper products, glass containers, plastic containers and aluminum products I had been throwing away.

Last Look: Old Town Views

These Repository file photos show downtown Canton. The above photo shows traffic in downtown, looking south on Market Avenue from Third Street NW in 1947. The photo at the left shows a parade in 1945 on Market Avenue looking north.

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Vintage for a Cause: Entertainment Bar from Sirpilla’s Shabby to Chic

Amy Sirpilla’s love of remaking furniture stems back years ago. When she was young, she didn’t have money to buy expensive furniture so she resorted to shopping at Goodwill and upcycling pieces to fit her wants. She also credits her mother with inspiring her to do this, as she also did this while Sirpilla was growing up.
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