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Books of my life | Gary Sirak

Gary Sirak, president of Sirak Financial Services, has been a financial adviser for the last 35 years. He has written two books: “If Your Money Talked,” 2012, and his latest “The American Dream Revisited,” 2016, a collection of compelling stories from people who overcame a variety of adversities to achieve their American Dream.

Life & Style

Walls of trolls

Almost 6,650 troll dolls “live” at The Troll Hole Art Emporium on Main Street in Alliance. The combination museum and art gallery also is the home of almost 19,000 pieces of troll memorabilia and troll-related art and clothing, said Sherry Groom, who owns the establishment with her husband, Jay Groom, and leads tours dressed as Sigrid the “Queen of Trolls.”

Jess vs. Imaginative Realism

Story book characters that come (nearly) to life. Fantastic beasts found mostly in video games. Sirens calling straight from the pages of comics. Fantasy and sci-fi currently are dueling it out for pop culture domination, and right now, you can visit a small slice of the battleground at the Canton Museum of Art.

Food & Dining

Mouthwatering mashed potatoes

A popular and generously portioned entree at Grinders Above & Beyond is the Sky High ($6.95), which starts with a slice of garlic bread, topped with your choice of either pot roast or meatloaf, a mound of garlic mashed potatoes and smothered with savory homemade gravy.

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