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Summer Fun: Pro Football Hall of Fame

I managed to score a behind-the-scenes tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s new exhibit, the “Game for Life,” an immersive, holographic experience that is being developed by a creative team consisting of Ed Jones (who won a visual effects Oscar for “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”), writers from beloved sports movies such as “Hoosiers,” “We Are Marshall” and “Rudy” and the CEO of Miramax Films.

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Get on Pinterest and you will see tons of ideas for DIY projects. Whether you want to learn to knit a scarf or make a coffee table from old pallets, you will have lots of tutorials from which to choose. Head over to Facebook, and you will see video after video with the “easiest” recipes for pretty much every food you could think of. Our social media world has been overtaken by do-it-yourselfers who are happy to share their craft.

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Letter from the Editor: May 2016

I don’t think of myself as an artistic person—in the traditional sense, at least. Even though I work in a creative industry and I get to design most days, I still don’t feel artistically inclined. I’m not a painter, sculptor or sketcher. Give me a pen and paper and ask to me draw something, and likely you’ll be disappointed with the results. My niece knows that all too well. She recently asked me to draw her a picture. I took my time and did my best. When I handed her the finished product, she threw the paper on the ground and asked someone else to draw a picture for her. I guess she wasn’t impressed by my talents. Needless to say, I didn’t feel too artistic.

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